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Himalayan Salt

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Ultrasonic Salt spraying




Himalayan salt crystal

Due to its excellent biophysical features this is of a measurable energy Sea, which could have a positive effect during the therapeutic treatments of our body. Himalayan crystal salt is 100% natural, not bleached and not refined. The salt of the Himalayan Mountains is about 250 million years old. This type of salt is considered as one of the most valuable natural salt. It is a salt crystal untreated industrially, of high-quality, which was created by the ancient seas drying up.

Most of minerals and trace elements contained in the salt crystals occur in ionized colloidal form assimilable into the cells. This allows for the body the inclusion and integration of the natural minerals, such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, as well as of all trace elements necessary to sustain life processes.

Therapeutic applications include: natural salt water produced of the Himalayan salt cristall virtually is a sea of ​​energy, which have a beneficial effect on the body. Himalayan salt crystal may be used for the purpose of salt baths, inhalation, external rubbing in the therapy of skin peeling and a many other complaints.

Sea water-spraying

The sea air contains a lot of elements that come into the atmosphere thorough the salt water spraying. The Salina Vita device reproduces this saturation of the air with characteristic constituent elements of the sea, through the atomization of the selected items (deep sea water extracted from 4000 m depth or high-quality Himalayan salt crystal and Dead Sea salt).

The produced micro-fine aerosol particles penetrate deep into the respiratory tract, maintain the movement of the ionized oxygen and activate the self-cleaning of the respiratory tract. Simultaneously, the salt crystals can penetrate the skin layers. They fix the moisture, making the skin fresh and youthful. The excellent moisture-absorbing ability performed in the skin is successfully used in beauty treatments and supplements or enhances the impact of many cosmetic products.

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea salt has high magnesium content. It has a skin fungus killing effect and is successfully used in the treating of the skin diseases (psoriasis). Its particularly high magnesium content (approx. 120,000 mg/kg) has a benefic effect on the skin peeling and the secration of the skin enzymes.

Salt spray against chronic skin diseases

The pharmaceutical researchers and dermatologists of Freiburg have elaborated together a better treatment against psoriasis


About eight percent of the German population suffers from psoriasis or eczema. Between the patients the rate of of infants is 20 percent. "Atopic dermatitis is almost epidemic," says Dr. Wolfgang Strasser dermatologist of Freiburg. "The symptoms of the disease: skin dryness, itching and pressure for the constant scratching, patients are extremely difficult to support."

Strasser developed a new method for the treatment of such diseases. The therapy it has developed allows a considerable relief for the patient. In the atopic dermatitis, such as psoriasis, there is still no real cure: the specific dynamics of the disease shows few symptoms, wich temporarily recede in the case of some patients, while others are constantly suffering because of it.

Earlier in atopic dermatitis patients, to alleviate the discomfort, took a bath in a concentrated salt solution. This saltwater therapy is usually followed by the "sunshine treatment", i.e. ultraviolet radiation. "Because of salt water on the skin surface to form a salt coating layer, it is usually perceived by the patient as an unpleasant itching", according to Strasser.

In addition, the salt fas a water-fixing effect. The skin cells try to compensate the difference between the low salt content of the cells and very high salt content of the skin surface, water is supplied from the inside of the cells on the surface of the skin. "It dries out the skin," according to Strasser. Despite this, the water itself is not enough for a successful treatment. The only effect of the clean water is that over the heliotherapy moist skin tans quickly. Consequently, the salt crust formed through the salt-water therapy on the skin may be important to the success of the treatment.

Strasser tried another treatment option. Instead of saline patients had bathed, he was first an ultrasonic nebulizer to vaporize salt water was sprayed with salt, so that an aerosol form. The skin affected by this disease had a few. The results were staggering. "In particular, the combined helioterápiával salt aerosol therapy has very good operating results", makes it clear that Strasser. "The quality of life of patients is increasing significantly." But why stay in irritation when patients are sprayed with the same concentrated aerosol? For Strasser the explanation was offered by the cooperation with the Materialforschungszentrum Research Institute Freiburg (FMF). Chemistry professors Hans-Joachim Cantow and Rolf Mülhaupt studied the biological material exposed to the vapor operating the atmospheric scanning electron microscope (ESEM).

The researchers compared salt aerosol sprayed skin samples with those directly immersed in the brine. "With the conventional method the salt water remains in the form of large droplets in the skin folds. They will form there cubic salt crystals around a tenth of a millimeter long", explains Mülhaupt.

In turn let’s analyse the ESEM-images when the skin was treated with salt water vapor. "This time, the big saltwater droplets will be replaced by a few microns tiny crystals that grow properly ice flowers. Their size is comprised in a micro-meter range ", explains Mülhaupt.

The microcrystalline crust (coating layer) formed on the skin due to the fine salt mist relieve better symptoms and patients consider it more pleasant than crystals deposed after the salt-bath.

Source: salznebel.htmtl

The applications provided by Salina Vita Salionarium are confirmed by a new study performed at the University of Heidelberg

Dry airways causes a number of lung diseases


Heidelberg – Dry airway play a central role in the pathogenesis of many lung diseases. Among them – according to a new study of the Uniklinik of Heidelberg (University Klinik) – include asthma, smoker's lung or the hereditary disease of cystic fibrosis.

The researchers demonstrated in mices that the incomplete hydration of the respiratory tract’s surfaces lead to changes which are typical in these lung diseases. During the experiments, due to the dryness of the respiratory tract of young mices occurred an allergic inflammation, and asthma have been reported too. However, in the case of adult mices was generated a chronic bronchitis, accompanied by pulmonary emphysema. These changes are usually typical in the lungs smoker.

According to the experts, the therapy with richer humidification improved the cleansing function of the lung and had a positive impact against the appearance of different chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD). The researchers now want to investigate this. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), is the world's fourth-leading cause of death.