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Ionized oxygen therapy


Ionized oxygen therapy


Ionized oxygen therapy in everyday and clinical practice


Oxygen ionization

Medical Wellness using oxygen production and ionization. Salina Vita by the oxygen ionization and production re-creates the quality of the fresh air of high mountains or the sea. The additional oxygen thus produced is suitable for medical oxygen treatment.

The essence of the medical oxygen therapy is the fact that the artificially produced oxygen stimulates the blood oxygenation wich is basic for good health and well-being.

The Salina Vita provides these therapeutic benefits by oxygen enrichment and ionization in a closed room. A Salina Vita device generates more than 90% pure ionized oxygens, and enters into the facility. The proportion of ionized oxygen is increased in the inhaled air, this is a significant improvement in body oxygen supply.

Ionized oxygen inhalation therapy in the everyday and clinical practice

The air ionization, oxygen ionization and ionized oxygen inhalation therapy is a relatively new concept in the medicine, although research in this regard, for about ten years, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries, are carrying out with increasing intensity.

The reason of this development deficit or "lobby-losing" is certainly the lack of information or incorrect information mediating. We may affirm that the scientific substantiation of the treatment process has long gone beyond the experimental stage, and stepped forward to outpatient therapy practice as well.

This method of therapy is not only an empirical additional medical issue, but a treatment technology controlled by many scientific experiments and studies, and its integration in the medical science is in full swing.

Bronchial asthma – lung diseases

Several authors have reported their therapeutic experience gained in the treatment of bronchial asthma with negative ion oxygen. Especially Albrechtsen et ala, BEN-DOV et al., Engler, HARLFINGER and Fodor found not only a marked increase in P02 at rest, but also a significant improvement in lung function as well.

These studies promises the hope that in the oxygen inhalation therapy, especially the application of the ionized oxygen will be the suitable solution. This opinion is particularly strongly supported by MÉTADIER from Paris, who himself speaks about the biologically active oxygen, that is negatively ionized oxygen-oxion as the only effective oxygen-form (38).

Circulatory effects

The inhalation of the negatively ionized oxygen develop a regulating effect on blood pressure, that is the high blood pressure is reduced without lowering effect at low blood pressure can occur in (Ju et al.).

According to MÉTADIER this has a beneficial effect on the regulation of cholesterol too. HARLFINGER, A. Minch, MÉTADIER and RYUSHI reported a significant increase of the performance and most proposed as a training methode for professionist athletes.

In this area are very interesting the works of Fodor, who was revealed during his investigations in diagnosed diplopia (double vision) that the negative ionized oxygen ergo meter training provides a significant increase in performance in a relatively short period of time. He named this method Jet-sessions.

Indications of the ionized oxygen inhalation therapy

We can be see clearly form those related above that the ionized oxygen can also apply to other syndromes that those treated by the pure oxygen inhalation therapy, as well the neurovegetative dystonia, PCP, but is also suitable for improving low concentration capacity, sleep disturbances, decreased power. Contraindications, as with any treatment, there are also, obviously that should be considered.

Treatment Process

The ionized oxygen inhalation therapy proved to be effective in two different ways in the effective clinical practice: first rest inhalation, inhalation stress on the other hand. As a source of oxygen, after initial skepticism in addition to the oxygen tank the oxygen concentrator has prevailed too.

There are a number of reasons; First, as the result of various studies, it was found that the recovered oxygen from the concentrators nor ozone components or nitrogen oxides are no longer included after the ionization and therefore the inhalation therapy presents absolutely no risk, on the other hand, although the initial the costs of an oxygen concentrators are relatively high, but long term was more economical than an oxygen tank.

The ionization head satisfy higher quality requirements: it is completely free from the harmful gas concentration – such as ozone, nitrogen oxides and metal oxides –, however, the highest ion concentration produced is at least one million (but the author based on his at least 15 years of practical experience this number is preferably 4–5 million).

We have to avoid the possible spread of contamination from one patient to another in all circumstances, so the ionization head should be in a sanitary condition before each inhalation, and therefore the inhalation and ionizing heads must be sterilized. Of course, there are also more desirable quality characteristics, such as long life, so the ionization head made from corrosion-free stainless metal is preferable.

It is self-explanatory that all these technical safety standards must de satisfied. The work is also easier that after a specified time, the machine automatically stops and because of its easy use for any further human intervention is required.

The ionized oxygen inhalation therapy course

When the ionized oxygen inhalation therapy is performed, or at rest or under load occurs, the quantity of the oxygen flow is 4 liters/min, and at rest the inhalation takes lat least 20 minutes. The patient has a relatively relaxed posture during rest inhalation, the so-called astronaut-posture so that the diaphragm is relaxed and the respiration easy.

The inhalation time can be prolonged for at least 20 minutes with no doubt, but no longer than 1 hour. You can see it as a so-called antioxidant therapy too. As a particularly good antioxidant is recommended a mixture of 600 mg vitamin E and 2 g vitamin C. This antioxidant therapy should be started a few days before the ionization treatment and after its completion for a long time can be continued safely. The duration of treatment depends on the disease; an average of only 10 days (from Monday to Friday, will miss Saturday/Sunday and again the following week, from Monday to Friday), but the extension has no obstacle for health reasons.

In another version of this therapy technics is the well known ionized oxygen ergo meter training, when the inhaled quantity is 4 liters oxygen/minute to 20 minutes period, with the difference that at the same time with the inhalation we carry out a pulse-adapted load using the ergo meter bicycle exercise. The load depends largely on the pulse under load that is is 180 minus the number of years of age, in the case of established diseases (such as coronary artery disease or after a heart attack) is 160 minus the age, or even less.

A specially furnished room in the clinic it is not necessary because most of the device is small, handy and easy to move. The purchase of equipment and therapeutic facilities design is not a financially overburdened.


In conclusion, we have to state that the ionized oxygen inhalation therapy, due its manifold indications, is becoming more and more occupied its rightful place in the important therapeutic areas of the outpatient practice. In good conscience, we can say that this method of treatment has not a placebo effect, is not a cumbersome technical method and associated with high cost; however it is an efficient and widely applicable procedure.

As the rationale for this therapeutic treatment we state two factors: one for the accurately calculated ion intake, on the other hand the oxygen supply surplus tested over the centuries. These two basic pillars compose this new treatment form that has been proven not only in the treatment of certain specified illnesses, but they also play a big role in the preventing health care.