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Himalayan Salt

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Himalayan Salt

Himalyan Salt Products

Himalayan salt bricks, tile and cooking plate

Himalayan salt powder, granulates and chunks

Himalayan crystal Lamp

Physiological effects of the Himalayan salt crystals


Salt is an important part of our lives!

The special appearance and the orange-red shade backlight offer a new dimension to the interior design and interior decoration. The Himalayan salt is available as building material: bricks, tiles, blocks, lumps and in granular form. This new and unique building material can be used both as wall-covering, illuminated covering of radiators, to build partition wall, etc. It is recommended for homes, offices and many wellness facilities.

In addition to aesthetic benefits, the salt has sedative features. Thanks to the pleasant light play of natural colors the Saunabau Himalayan salt crystal has pleasant impact on our mental and emotional state. In fact, negative ions level beomes high in the air! For this reason, we have the same invigoratingly fresh experience like on the beach, in the mountains or near waterfalls. Scientific studies have shown that the more negative ions are in the air, the better is our wellbeing!

The Saunabau Himalayan salt crystal building materials provide a magic color and light show for homes and work environments. In general the thinner is the layer of salt the brighter the color is.Tiles with 5 cm thickness are ideal for the backlight operation.

In technical terms the possibility of architectural solutions are endless, your ideas can be limitless. All you have to do is get in touch with us.

The other specialities of our wide range of Himalayan salt crystal offer are the large-sized lamps, oven-grill bricks, and common table salt for human consumption, licensed in Hungary.

Himalayan edible salt – a marvel of the nature

It is not known exactly in which millennium our ancestors first shouldered their pans and pickaxes to extract salt. However, historians agree that this was a magical moment that changed the course of history forever, as salt provided the prehistoric hunters and gatherers with valuable trace elements and minerals.

“White gold” is what salt was referred to from ancient times until the 19th century. Its other name alludes to more than the great material value it once had. As an example, the German mystic Hildegard von Bingen (1098–1179) referred to the importance of salt for the body’s water balance, the nervous system, the digestion and the bone structure in her publications on healing. Along these lines, recommendations are also made in Islam: “Commence and end your meal with salt and you will be spared from 72 diseases and evils.” (Al-Kafi, volume 6).

The tradition of infusing salt with herbs, garlic and spices goes back to the ancient herb women. They once prepared aromatic salts so that their aristocratic masters could take in a pinch of “medicine” with each meal. Salt does not only perfectly adopt the taste of the ingredients, but also the beneficial and invigorating essential oils. As our contribution to reviving this tradition, we added an excellent raw material from the Himalay mountains to the classic aromatic salts.

To better live through the energy-rich mood, which has been providing nutrition for thousands of years, we tried to find the last natural salts in the world and we found in Northern Pakistan, the unique flavored Himalayan salt crystals, rich in minerals and trace elements.

Himalayan Rock Salt is one of the most incredible health discoveries of our time. This pure, crystal-like salt salt was created when the primal sea – the place where scientists and scholars believe all life originated – was dried up by the energy of the sun, and then compressed over millions of years by the pressure of the land masses that formed on top of it. Three hundred million years ago, a vast primordial ocean covered the area that would become the Himalayan mountain range. The salt of that unpolluted ocean was preserved as large crystal formations that now yield the purest salt on earth and the most beneficial salt available.

Himalayan edible salt – the health-consiencious consumers’favorite

Salt is as essential to the human body as water is and the body needs almost half a kilogram of salt at any point in time to maintain proper functioning. Salt is necessary for the normal functioning of the metabolism, the absorption of water, the electrical communication between the cells, and also for mineral nutrition of the body.

This pure Himalayan Crystal Salt contains 84 different naturally occurring minerals and elements essential to optimal health, and provides amazing healing properties for both the human body and the environment that we inhabit. We can use Himalayan Salt whether cooking meals or seasoning raw foods. The taste is better than any other salt, and the fact that it is all natural and free of any chemical additives makes it much healthier for everyday consumption.

The Himalayan salt as a skin cleansing mean

A buildup of dead skin cells causes a rough, dull, aged appearance. Exfoliating the top layers of dehydrated cells promotes a youthful glowing skin, as well as many other benefits. The granulated Himalayan salt is the best skin cleanser. The fine salt grains cleanse pores unlike any soap or cleanser can, allowing your skin to breathe easier.

The main benefits of using a good salt skin scrub include:

  • The Himalayan salt cleans the skin better than soaps or cleansers.
  • Removing dull, dead skin cells to reveal younger looking skin.
  • Thoroughly cleaning skin pores, allowing your skin to breathe easier.
  • Stimulating blood circulation and removing daily toxins from your skin.
  • Helping to regenerate new skin, which keeps your skin looking younger.
  • Strengthening and firming skin tissue.

Himalayan Salt lamp

Salt lamps are a tool for relaxation of all-naturalsalt made thousands of years old. Salt lamps also contain some medical benefits. If you're interested in improving your overall well-being, you may want to get a salt lamp.

Salt lamps are made of a variety of crystals of rock salt colored, such as red, pink, violet, orange and white stripes with varying colors, and textures that produce a healthy amount of negative ions. Negative ions help to clean the air, improve focus and promote healing.

  • As salt lamps are made

    The rocks come from a variety of region like the Himalayas, Pakistan. The lights are made by rock salt and emptying cutting and polishing salt. After hollow logs, the lamp is equipped with a candle and size. When the candle is placed inside and lit the lamp, produces a warm, relaxing glow.

  • Benefits of the salt lamp

    Salt lamps are wonderful as night lights and promote peaceful, sound sleep, providing a clean and healthy environment in the room. These lights are also great in the workplace, as they improve concentration and decrease fatigue and stress. They also reduce the radiation from office equipment, especially computer monitors. Salt lamps help relieve the effects of artificial lights. Salt lamps help reduce allergies in the home.

  • More benefits

    When used in hospital and clinical environments, such as waiting rooms, salt lamps can create a relaxing atmosphere. The lamps are also useful in the healing process for convalescents. It gives a soothing and comforting effect in any room is placed on reducing stress. These lamps are good for bars, clubs, casinos, cafes and places where smoking is prevalent, such as salt lamps reduce persistent smoke residue. They absorb a large amount of negative ions in the room created by smoking. Salt lamps are also used in color therapy (chromotherapy). The calming effect of light helps people with neurotic disorders or insomnia deal.


Salt lamps can be used to restore and maintain the natural air quality, to produce a comfortable atmosphere, to promote relaxation and well-being and create a pleasant environment. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety or just want to have a relaxing atmosphere in your home, salt lamps may be just what you are looking for.