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Himalayan Salt

Physiological effects

Himalayan Crystallin Salt

In addition to aesthetic benefits, the salt has sedative atributes. Thanks to the pleasant light play of natural colors the Saunabau Himalayan salt crystal produces a pleasant effect on our mental and emotional state.

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Salt mine air

Ultrasonic Salt spraying

Marine air contains many elements which arrives in the atmosphere due to the evaporation of the salt water. The produced micro-fine aerosol particles penetrates deep into the respiratory tract, maintaining the movement of the ionized oxygen…

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Ionized oxygen therapy

Medical Wellness using the oxygen production and ionization. Salina Vita by the oxygen ionization and production re-creates the quality of the fresh air of high mountains or the sea. The additional oxygen thus produced is suitable for health protecting purposes.

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Salt spray against chronic skin diseases

The microcrystalline salt coating layer formed on the kin due to fine salt mist relieve better the symptoms and patients keep more pleasant than the crystals loading after the salt-bath.


The ionized oxygen inhalation therapy is indicated:

The ionized oxygen inhalation therapy is indicated for other syndromes, such as the neurovegetative dystonia treated by the pure oxygen inhalation therapy.


The ionized oxygen inhalation therapy process

The ionized oxygen inhalation therapy is performed or at rest or under load, an oxygen flow of 4 liters/min, and the the inhalation at rest takes at least 20 minutes.